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Mexico’s Ebrard meets with Canada’s Hussen for talks on racism

Mexico City, Mexico — The Minister of Housing, Diversity and Inclusion of Canada, Ahmed Hussen, spoke with Secretary Marcelo Ebrard about the values of inclusion, equality and diversity that Mexico and Canada share.

Both secretaries agreed on the importance of working against all forms of racism towards the next North American Leaders Summit to be held in Mexico.

Within the framework of his visit to Mexico to attend the UNESCO Global Forum against Racism and Discrimination, Hussen met with Ebrard. The secretaries agreed that inclusion and equality are common values and a priority in the bilateral relationship.

In this regard, Foreign Minister Ebrard pointed out the importance of expanding joint work on the matter, particularly against the xenophobic ideologies that exist in the region.

“Mexico is very seriously concerned about the growth of white supremacy in North America. Fighting it permanently is one of the main priorities of our foreign policy,” said the Secretary of Foreign Affairs.

Mexico and Canada will work to show the strengths and benefits of diversity and inclusion, in opposition to the xenophobic theses that encourage the conflict. Minister Hussen expressed his agreement with Ebrard and pointed out that it is an issue that Canada takes seriously.

“The antidote to xenophobia lies in early education and instilling in the new generations that diversity is not a source of division, but of strength,” he said.

The ministers, who chaired the meeting on behalf of both governments, announced the bilateral agreement regarding the inclusion of communities of African origin in the two countries.

They also referred to the labor mobility agenda based on the 18th Annual Meeting of the Mexico-Canada Alliance that was held last week in Ottawa and headed by the head of the Unit for North America, Roberto Velasco Álvarez.

“Mexico and Canada understand the importance of mobility, of providing more and better information on labor markets to both potential workers and companies,” said Velasco Álvarez.

“In the same way, we will work on student mobility measures towards the next Summit of North American Leaders that we will have the pleasure of celebrating in our country,” he pointed out.

The Secretary of Foreign Relations was accompanied, in addition to the head of the Unit for North America, Roberto Velasco, the coordinator of Strategy and Public Policies for North America, Arturo Rocha and the coordinator of Political Affairs for North America, Cristina Planter.

The Canadian delegation was made up of the Canadian ambassador to Mexico, Graeme C. Clark, Deputy Chief of Mission Shauna Hemingway and the Chief of Staff of the Office of Minister Hussen, Tia Tariq.