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Mexican wanted in U.S. for murder of 12 extradited

Mexico City, Mexico — Two men wanted in the U.S. have been extradited from Mexico. One of the men extradited on Monday was wanted for the murder of 12 people in Los Angeles.

Juan Manuel “L” was handed over to U.S. federal marshals Monday for his return to California. According to a State Attorney of the Republic (FGR) statement, Juan Manuel “L” was wanted in a Los Angeles court for the1993 deaths of 12 people.

He was “required by the Superior Court of the State of California in the County of Los Angeles for the crime of homicide. In May 1993, Juan Manuel “L” and other members of a gang to which he belonged, set fire to various objects outside the apartment of the administrator of the building in which they lived.

“The smoke reached the third floor causing the death of 12 people due to smoke inhalation and the intense heat,” the FGR reported.

On the same flight, a second man, Jesús “J” was also returned to the U.S. According to the FGR, he “was wanted by the District Court in Denver County Colorado, for the crimes of first-degree murder and injuries. In July 2017 in Denver, he shot two people, one of whom died.”

Both men were flown in the protective custody of U.S. agents from the Mexico City International Airport to the U.S. to face criminal charges.