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Mexican Navy seizes 3.3 tons of cocaine off Pacific coast in two days

Mexico City, Mexico — Last week, more than three tons of narcotics were seized along the Pacific coast of Mexico. According to a statement from the Secretary of the Navy, the 3,190 kilos of cocaine were seized along with 1,160 liters of fuel off the coasts of Guerrero and Michoacán.

The Secretary of the Navy reported the seizure of 3.3 US tons of cocaine after carrying out two operations in the Mexican Pacific off the coasts of Guerrero and Michoacán that also lead to the arrests of 10 people.

In their statement, they detailed the first seizure occurred approximately 54 nautical miles (100 kilometers) to the southwest of Lázaro Cárdenas, Michoacán. The Naval Command deployed specialized personnel aboard two helicopters after an interceptor patrol and a Defender-type vessel managed to detect two vessels with two and three crew members, respectively, on May 21.

From that operation, navel personnel seized approximately 1,750 kilograms of cocaine, two small boats, approximately 960 liters of fuel and five people.

The following day on May 22, a second event took place in the early hours after carrying out a maritime and aerial surveillance tour. During surveillance, a smaller vessel was located approximately 147 nautical miles (272.2 kilometers) southwest of Acapulco, Guerrero. Naval personnel, in the performance of their Coast Guard duties, proceeded to inspect.

As a result, naval personnel seized approximately 1,440 kilograms of cocaine, approximately 200 liters of fuel, one small boat and the arrest of five.