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Mercado Libre latest hacking victim of LAPSUS$ group

Mexico City, Mexico — Company Mercado Libre, an e-commerce website, says they have recognized a data breach in their system. The Argentine-based company says their source code was subject to unauthorized access.

In an official statement from Mercado Libre regarding unauthorized access to its system, the company said, “we have recently detected that part of the Mercado Libre Inc. source code that has been subject to unauthorized access. We have activated our security protocols and are conducting a thorough analysis.”

However, after activating security protocols and carrying out an exhaustive analysis, the company says they found no evidence that passwords or customer credit card information had been compromised.

“Although the data of approximately 300,000 users (out of almost 140 million unique active users) was accessed, so far – and based on our initial analysis – we have not found any evidence that our infrastructure systems have been compromised or that passwords of users, account balances, investments, financial or payment card information have been obtained. We are taking strict measures to avoid new incidents,” Mercado Libre said.

So far it has not been disclosed if the breach reached Mexican consumers.

A hack group called LAPSUS$ has claimed responsibility for the attack and threatened to make the Mercado Libre data public. Last year, the same group hacked Samsung.