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Mayor says new lighting will make Cozumel one of best lit in Mexico

Cozumel, Q.R. — An investment of 60 million peso will place Cozumel as one of the best illuminated cities in the country, says its mayor, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis.

The Municipal President says that he will do social justice to island residents with the installation of 6,200 LED lights in 36 colonies and along 12 avenues which will providing greater security for islanders.

The Modification of the Public Lighting Subproject in the Municipality of Cozumel was approved during s recent session of the Cabildo in which the Ministry of Energy, through the Cozumel Energy Savings Trust, was assigned executor of the project.

During the session, Pedro Joaquín Delbouis stressed that this project was presented in 2014, but the two municipal administrations that preceded it failed to consolidate. Today, thanks to work coordinated with the Federal Government, they are only waiting for the lights to be installed which he says, will be during the second quarter of 2020.

“In the present administration, we managed to declare Cozumel as the safest municipality in Quintana Roo. Now, we want the city to be the best illuminated in the country with the support of the Ministry of Energy, which through the Energy Efficiency and Sustainability Project, will finance 70 percent of the installation of the lights. The other 30 percent will be covered by the city,” said the municipal president.

After the removal of existing lighting, the new project entails the installation of 6,200 high-efficiency LED emitting diodes along with 200 metal posts and 737 metal arms. Joaquín Delbouis explained that with the new technology, they anticipate an annual savings of nearly 45 percent or around 8.7 million peso, which he adds, will be used for other municipality projects.