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Mayor confirms removal of residential parking meters

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Three residential neighborhoods of Playa del Carmen will have their parking meters removed. Mayor Lili Campos says the company that owns the meters will start removing them next month.

Meters from the residential areas of Gonzalo Guerrero, Zazil Há and Luis Donaldo Colosio are set for removal in June.

“The situation is that in the previous administration they erroneously determined to expand the parking meter area without prior authorization from the lobbying body, and as we well know, they are public spaces and there must be the determination of the collegiate.

“The State Congress did not include it either. It was not legal because it was not endorsed and the contract was still being executed to expand the spaces,” explained Juan Novelo Zapata, Secretary General of the Solidaridad City Council.

He says after the removal of the residential parking meters, there will still be around 180 throughout the tourist areas of the city.