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Man who picked up and killed woman from Cozumel bar sentenced to 50 years

Cozumel, Q.R. — A man has been sentenced to 50 years for murdering a woman he picked up in an island bar. The hefty sentence stems from the 2021 killing of a woman found dead in a hotel.

On Friday, Carlos Alberto “N” was handed down the prison sentence for the death of an island woman who, according to a police statement, said he met in a bar. After the bar, the pair went to a hotel located at kilometer 3 of the transversal highway where he raped her.

According to police, the unidentified woman sustained injuries during the rape that caused her death.

“At approximately 3:00 a.m. on August 14, 2021, Carlos Alberto “N” cleaned the victim’s body and called emergency services. When the paramedics arrived they found that the woman no longer had vital signs.

“That is when the now sentenced man tried to make them believe that she had fallen and that this supposed accident was the cause of her death.” Given the situation, the subject was arrested and an investigation opened.

A judge has sentenced Carlos Alberto “N” to 50 years in prison, a fine of 268,860 pesos, in addition to having to pay for material and moral damages.