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Man killed after SUV riddled with drive by bullets on Cancun street

Cancun, Q. R. — A 43-year-old Cancun man was shot to death Thursday while driving his SUV. The drive by shooting, which left his vehicle riddled with bullets, happened in SM 94 around 4:19 a.m.

A neighbor who heard the shots made the report to 911. Police located the vehicle along 111th Street still running with the driver bleeding behind the wheel. He died before an ambulance arrived. He was pronounced by responding medical personnel.

Investigators at the scene counted 16 bullet holes in the front windshield and driver’s side window of the Voyager. The deceased man has been identified as Gaspar N. According to early information, he was targeted and intercepted while driving.

After being shot at, he crashed into a white Sprint car, which is where authorities found his vehicle. Police continue to interview area residents and review city surveillance cameras as part of their investigation.