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Man found with knife after he was reported for stalking Cancun bank area

Cancun, Q.R. — Elements of the Quintana Roo Police detained an armed man who was reported for stalking the bank area of the first square of the city.

In an informative release, police revealed that the agents intercepted the subject in SM 5 of Cancun after he was reported by a radio station DJ for his suspicious attitude in the banking area along Tulum Avenue. Nearby police were quick to respond to the report, arresting 27-year-old Alejandro N.

In their report, police said that when they arrived, they identified the now accused who was inside a gold Toyota Corolla. When approaching the unit, officers realized that the subject, upon noticing the police presence, hid a knife among his clothes.

An inspection of his person revealed a 15 cm knife. He was arrested and transferred to the Quintana Roo Police facilities.