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Judge hands down 37 year prison sentence to Cancun murderer

Cancun, Q.R. — A Cancun judge has handed down a 37 year prison sentence to a man convicted of murder. The charges date back to June of 2021 when Juna Manuel “N” beat a woman to death.

In a State Attorney General report, the agency said “the events for which he was convicted occurred in Cancun on June 13, 2021, when the victim was found dead at his home. The body had various bruises on her arms and legs.

“The accused tried to evade justice by sending a message to the victim’s mother in which he claimed that another person had sent him a photograph of the woman lifeless, lying on the ground with an alleged threatening message derived from an economic debt.

However, “when the mother of the deceased accused him directly of the death of her daughter, Juan Manuel “N” decided to flee the scene, abandoning the body.”

On Wednesday, a Cancun judge sentenced Juana Manuel “N” to 37 years and six months in prison for feminicide. At the hearing, the judge also imposed a fine of 201,645 pesos and payment of compensation for moral damage of 623,493 thousand pesos.