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Islander under investigation for attempted murder

Cozumel, Q.R. — A man taken into police custody in Cozumel Friday is now being investigated for attempted murder. Jesús David “N” was arrested late Friday night for resisting authority in the municipality of Cozumel.

After his arrest, the State Attorney reported “the detainee could be related to events constituting the crime of attempted feminicide in this municipality.”

Jesús David “N” was sought out by police as a suspect in the recent attempted murder of an island woman. The unidentified woman was physically assaulted and severely beaten about the head. She remains in a coma in Cozumel hospital.

Jesús David “N”, a main suspect, was considered a flight risk and taken into custody. During his arrest, he resisted and has was taken into custody on charges of resisting authority while police investigate his possible involvement in the attempted murder.