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Isla Mujeres fishermen swims to Contoy for help after engine fails

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — Three Isla Mujeres fishermen were rescued by Marina personnel after engine failure left them stranded. The men were fishing north of the island of Contoy Tuesday when their motor failed, leaving them completely stranded since their vessel was not equipped with a radio.

In a desperate move to stop drifting out to sea, one of the men jumped in and swam to Isla Contoy where he requested help.

In a Secretaría de Marina statement, “personnel from the Naval Station of Isla Mujeres (Estación Naval de Búsqueda, Rescate y Vigilancia Marítima (ENSAR) de Isla Mujeres) set sail aboard a Defender-type rescue boat in order to locate the fishermen reported in trouble after being alerted by the seaman who managed to reach help after swimming a great distance.”

They found two fishermen aboard a boat named Olivia belonging to the cooperative of Isla Blanca. They were located approximately three nautical miles (5.5 kilometers) northeast of Isla Contoy and found to be in good health.

Personnel from the Ninth Naval Region provided support to transport the three fishermen to the Puerto Juárez Naval Station where they were received by personnel from their cooperative and later left on their own.