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Hundreds of thousands participate in AMLO fourth report march

Mexico City, Mexico — On Sunday, President Andrés Manuel López Obrador lead a march marking his fourth government report. López Obrador lead the march in the Zócalo of Mexico City where his supporters met to commemorate his fourth year in government.

During his speech in front of hundreds of thousands, he said “let’s keep making history. Let’s continue promoting the revolution of consciences. Let us make Mexican Humanism a reality and glory.”

In the Zócalo of Mexico City, AMLO presented actions and achievements of the administration he heads guided by political, economic and social principles that he called ‘Mexican Humanism’.

“Even though what is fundamental are the facts, it does not stop mattering how to define, in theoretical terms, the model of government that we are applying. My proposal would be to call it: ‘Mexican Humanism’ not only because of the phrase attributed to the Roman writer Publio Terencio that ‘nothing human is alien to us’, but because, nourished by universal ideas, the essence of our project comes from our cultural greatness millennial and of our exceptional and fruitful political history,” he explained.

After leading the march, which began at 9:00 a.m. at the Angel of Independence, he affirmed that the new economic, moral, and social policy consists of promoting progress with justice, the equitable distribution of income and wealth.

State Governor Mara Lezama was in Mexico City for the march. On social media, the Quintana Roo Governor highlighted her support for AMLO’s four years of government and the transformation.

“We are in Mexico City in full support of these four years of profound ‘Transformation’ with our President of the Republic, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Quintana Roo is present,” said the Governor.

In the post, Mara Lezama also highlighted that always happy and united they work for the people, celebrating the arrival of a government that brought social justice and real change to the country.

During his speech, López Obrador said “the ultimate goal of a State is to create the conditions so that people can live happily and free from misery and fear. (…) The increase in wages, the distribution of profits and the Welfare Programs have become new and effective means for the fairer distribution of wealth.”

Beyond economic growth, which will increase 3.5 percent this year and for 2023 and 2024 it is expected to be the same percentage, it is essential to banish corruption and privileges to allocate what is obtained and saved for the benefit of the majority of the people, particularly the poorest and most marginalized, said the President.

“’For the good of all, first the poor. This phrase should be the essence of political activity because it is synonymous with humanism and a different way of understanding the importance of power, the exercise of which, as I have said many times, is only pure and virtuous when it is put at the service of others,” he said Sunday during his 3:00 p.m. message at the Plaza de la Constitución.