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Human error blamed after boat capsizes killing seven

Guaymas, Sonora — Human error is being blamed for the sinking of a private boat that killed seven. Civil Protection reported the accident happened Sunday in waters off Guaymas in the state of Sonora.

In a news brief, they said “a panga for exclusive use for fishing was used to carry 19 people, when its capacity is six.” It has been said that the boat left without giving notice to authorities and did not have life jackets, radio communication or seats for passengers.

A preliminary investigation by the Secretary of the Navy determined that the main cause of the incident was due to a variety of human errors. The 20-foot long panga boat was reportedly used to transport family members for a private party.

The boat, which is exclusively for fishing, is not equipped to transport people, yet it was taken out Sunday around 3:00 p.m. with 19 on board. The six-person capacity vessel quickly overturned in open sea.

Everyone inside was dumped into the choppy sea. Guaymas Civil Protection worked with two search and rescue boats and a Navy helicopter with a crew of five to rescue the 19 bodies seen floating in the water.

Only 11 of those from inside the boat were found alive. Five adults and two children were found dead, while one remains missing.