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House seized and three arrested in Puerto Morelos search operation

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — State officials arrested three people from inside a house during a search operation Friday. All three were apprehended from a Puerto Morelos residence.

The home was searched on suspicions of drug operations.

Luis Ángel “N”, José Valentín “N” and Josefa “N”, who were in the property at the time of the Puerto Morelos search, were taken into custody, authorities reported in a statement.

Inside the home, authorities also located narcotics and a loaded firearm. The search warrant was issued by a Playa del Carmen judge. After the search and arrests, the home was seized for drug dealing.

According to the public statement, the seized home is located in the residential area of La Fe of Puerto Morelos.

The operation was conducted in a coordinated effort between the State Attorney General’s Office, National Guard and the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena).