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Government of Puerto Morelos launches Ruta de los Cenotes business regularization program

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The government of Puerto Morelos has launched program for business owners along the Ruta de los Cenotes to regularize their establishments. The regularization of the establishments will be carried out in accordance with municipal regulations.

Puerto Morelos Municipal Treasurer, Ana Isabel Luna García, indicated that the objective of this campaign is to increase the competitiveness of Puerto Morelos as a tourist destination, and to be able to grant certainty and security to visitors and the residents of the municipality who work in the area.

“On the Ruta de los Cenotes there are a large number of ecotourism parks and lodging centers that, for the most part, do not have an operating license, which means that they do not comply with municipal regulations such as Civil Protection.

“That is why we are giving ourselves the task of raising awareness about the importance of having all the documentation in order,” she explained.

She added that having the required permits will allow them to obtain various benefits, such as being able to register with the State Platform of Tourist Service Providers and the Hola Puerto Morelos Platform, through which they will be able to have a presence in national and international tourist fairs.

“Working in legality also helps to improve the provision of public services, security and the promotion of the destination,” highlighted the Treasurer, who commented that she will begin a day of rapprochement of municipal officials from various areas with the owners or those in charge of the establishments who will be offered more information about the regularization program and its benefits.

Luna García clarified that the program is aimed not only at tourism companies, but at all businesses located in the more than 35 kilometers of the Ruta de los Cenotes.