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Government investigating contracts that would have left Puerto Morelos in debt 30 years

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — Puerto Morelos City Hall has approved the fowarding of several contracts of the previous administration to Congress. According to a statement by the Governmetn of Puerto Morelos, the forwarding of the documentation was voted on to show the intention of the prevous administration to indebt the municipality for 30 years.

According to their June 1 statement, city hall approved to send to the Finance, Budget and Account Commission of the XVII Legislature, the public-private association contracts (APPs) signed by the previous administration, for the construction of the Municipal Palace and the improvement of the public lighting service in the municipality in order to ratify or reject them.

These contracts, identified with the pages CMPM-CON-APP01-2021 and CMPM-CON-APP02-2021, were signed by the administration of Laura Fernández Piña with Inocaribe, SA de CV, for the construction of the Municipal Palace, for an amount of up to 264 million, and with OFN Quintana Roo, SA de CV, up to 292 million pesos.

With these contracts, the City Council would have been indebted for 30 years. The contracts were sent to the XVI Legislature, which issued decrees 103 and 104, published in the Official Gazette,with which it authorized the 2018-2021 City Council to sign the contracts under the figure of Public Private Association.

They were authorized by the XVI Legislature, but due to omissions, the Treasury did not authorize their registration in the Single Public Registry of Financing and Obligations of Federative Entities and Municipalities.

The registration application was requested by the previous municipal administration on September 29, 2021, one day before the end of the constitutional period of the City Council.

In addition, the provisions of the Quintana Roo Public-Private Associations Law have not been complied with in the sense that the contracts must be ratified by the Congressional Finance, Budget and Account Commission.

These latest documents are to be added to other irregularities found during the previous administration by the current Puerto Morelos council.

Earlier this week, the Government of Puerto Morelos issued a public edict in search of a former treasurer who held the position between 2018 and 2021 during the Laura Fernández Piña administration.