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Government intends to promote industrialization of Maya Train

Chetumal, Q.R. — The director of the National Fund for the Promotion of Tourism (Fonatur) says that the Maya Train can promote development poles beyond the use of tourism promotion and services. Fonatur head Rogelio Jiménez Pons says that both the federal government and business sector will promote the industrialization of the Maya Train project in southeastern portion of Mexico.

Jiménez Pons says industrialists can create logistics centers and industrial corridors that allow train connectivity with ports and airports in the area in order to attract investment to the region.

“We are acquiring some reserves to begin to facilitate and begin industrial development. It is not a small thing, it is a situation where many factors intervene and it is not as easy as tourist equipment and services, the industrial issue implies an industrial culture, a type of more fanatic entrepreneur,” explained the official in a meeting.

The Maya Train can promote development poles beyond tourism and services since of the four states that are part of the project, only one (Quintana Roo) is dedicated to tourism. The rest have industries and infrastructure for the development of industrial zones, explained Jiménez Pons.

For this, they offer industrial infrastructure and basic services since, “parallel to the Maya Train there are three fiber optic pipelines for capacity and connectivity in the region. There will be 1,500 kilometers of pipelines, and in some sections with gas and LP gas. In any case, the possible mobility of the infrastructure will substantially change the region’s scenario for us. It is important to connect right now,” he stressed.

He also noted “we want to emphasize the cargo part, it is fundamental, we have a project to create logistics centers.”

Jiménez Pons mentioned that the government of President Andrés Manuel López is generating the initial infrastructure in logistics areas where it is possible to grow in terms of accessible land.

Jiménez Pons offered areas of the industrial corridors, for example, he said, “we have an area in Cancun where the Maya Train station is going to be, and it is preceded by a strip that has strong potential development where on one side is the highway. Another is the limit of the city of Cancun where there, they talk of large spaces where there will be a lot of ability to fill them.”