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Government confirms arrival of Guardia Nacional to state

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — During the first days of July, approximately 450 members of the National Guard will arrive in the state of Quintana Roo.

In a recent government meeting with heads of security, officials said that after the initial 450 members arrive, an additional 600 we be sent to the state in a second stage. The announcements were made by Jesús Valencia, head of the Políticas y Estrategias para la Construcción de la Paz en el Gobierno de la República.

Jesus Valencia explained that the federal police are incorporated into the National Guard and in coming weeks, a representative of the Guardia Nacional will arrive in Quintana Roo. In a first stage in the beginning of July, 450 elements of the National Guard will arrive, and in a second stage, another 600 will be added.

He explained that the Guardia Nacional is composed of the naval, federal and military police, and that the state and municipalities will work on a common agenda, which will be reviewed in Mexico City to specify inter-institutional coordination among the various police corporations that will operate in the 11 municipalities.

The federal official came to Playa del Carmen to fine-tune the strategies of inter-institutional operations among the three levels of police, as well as to encourage dialogue between the municipal and state levels.