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Four detained in retaliatory shoot up of Cancun restaurant

Cancun, Q.R. — Two women and two men have been arrested by elements of the State Attorney General’s Office. The four adults were picked up by elements in coordination with the Citizen Security Secretariat (SSC) in the armed attack on a restaurant-bar.

The armed attack took place in SM 74 of Cancun on July 21 of this year. The detainees, Albelda “N”, Idania “N”, Hugo “N” and José “N”, are also accused of drug dealing.

According to the SSC, their first investigation indicates that the armed attack againts the restaurant-bar was in retaliation after the owner refused to allow them to sell narcotics from his business.

Idania “N”, who met with one of the accomplices on the day of the attack to go to a place where they would meet other colleagues, intentionally took city routes to avoid city surveillance cameras, the SSC reported.

Hugo “V”, along with a second person with the alias “El Jarocho”, arrived at the establishment, “the first being the one who fired the shots where one person lost his life and three more were injured,” they reported.

An investigation lead to the issuance of an arrest warrant for a property in SM 248 of Cancun where authorities located drugs and five loaded weapons. The property searched is believed to have been used as a criminal safehouse.

Authorities are testing the weapons found to determine if any of them were used to shoot at the Cancun restaurant-bar.