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Former governor of Veracruz has kidnapping added to list of charges

Veracruz, Mexico — The former governor of Veracruz is to face charges of kidnapping. On Thursday, Duarte de Ochoa, who is already serving nine years for other crimes while governor, is likely to face more time.

The former governor of Veracruz, Javier Duarte de Ochoa, has been formally charged with kidnapping, according to the Veracruz State Attorney General’s Office.

“A charge was made and a link to the process was obtained against Javier “N”, former state governor, as the alleged perpetrator of the crime of forced disappearance of persons to the detriment of the victim with the initials DLC,” the FGE bulletin stated.

After his term in office, Duarte de Ochoa was prosecuted for various property crimes for which he was sentenced to nine years in prison. His sentencing came after he was returned to Mexico after fleeing to Guatemala using false documentation.