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Former Cancun garbage collection company Inteligencia México loses Amparo protection

Cancun, Q.R. — Garbage collection company Inteligencia México has lost its Amparo protection. The Amparo, which was filed late last year, has been revoked after a Cancun judge found the company without the capacity to provide the service of garbage collection under the terms of the city’s contract.

The company, which is owned by former Benito Juárez mayor Carlos Canabal, lost their protection confirmed Jorge Guzmán, legal and institutional relations director of Red Ambiental, the city’s current garbage collection company.

Guzmán said the judge considered the right of citizens to a healthy environment must take precedence over private interests, and in this sense, chose to favor the common good.

“The courts confirmed that the concessionaire does not have the capacity to provide the service under the contracted terms, so it is resolved that the total intervention of the concession (by the Cabildo) is valid,” he explained.

“It is a triumph in favor of the city so that it is cleaner, healthier, that it can better serve its citizens and tourists,” he added.

Red Ambiental has a contract with the city of Cancun to collect garbage until the last day of September. They were hired at the end of last year to replace the former collection company, Inteligencia México due to breach of contract with the city saying the company did not have the trucks necessary to keep up with the city’s garbage collection needs.

Alan Paul Beltrán Ibarra, operations director of Red Ambiental clarified that throughout the legal situation with Inteligencia México, they have not stopped city garbage collection.