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Five rescued after two boats collide off Yucatan coast

Yucalpetén, Yucatan — Members of the Mexican navy have reported the rescue of five after two boats collide off the Yucatan coast.

The IX Naval Zone reported the rescue of five crew members after their boat Caribe was struck by a merchant ship in the open waters. The rescue involved an interceptor and patrol boat, both of which headed out to the site of the collision.

It was approximately 156 nautical miles (289 kilometers) northwest of Progreso where the navy rescued the five crew members of Caribe.

According to their statement, the call for help was received indicating that a boat Caribe had taken on water after being hit in the back by a merchant ship. When naval officers arrived, they spotted the boat and its five crew.

Crew members were provided with a pump to remove the water, while the navy escorted the damaged vessel back to port. There were no reported injuries or cause of the collision.