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Five captured for attempted murder of three Cancun men

Cancun, Q.R. — Five wanted for the attempted murder of three have been arrested. The State Attorney General’s Office reported Tuesday on the capture of Luis Daniel “N”, Jorge Irving “N”, Víctor Hugo “N” and Daniela “N” for their probable participation in crimes of attempted homicide.

The three men and one woman are accused of the attempted murder of three males inside a private Cancun home in September of this year. According to the FGE, five people arrived at a home in SM 260 where one man identified as Juan Jesús “N”, shot repeatedly at the outside of the house, sending the three occupants inside to run for cover.

Four “were arrested in Supermanzana 21 when they were walking on Xcaret Avenue on the corner of Kabah. They are related to the events that occurred on September 26 of this year in Supermanzana 260, Prado Norte subdivision of Cancun,” the FGE reported.

The three unidentified victims were living together in a home on Supermanzana 260 when the defendants showed up with a person identified as Juan Jesús “N”, who shot repeatedly at the home, causing gunshot wounds to the three men who managed to take refuge, while the aggressors fled, they explained.

Juan Jesús “N” was captured separately in the La Joya subdivision in Supermanzana 254 of Cancun. At the time of his arrest, he was found in possession of a loaded firearm and narcotics that included marijuana, crystal meth and powered cocaine.