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FGJ finds more evidence on real estate cartel in Mexico City

Mexico City, Mexico — The spokesman for the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJ CDMX), Ulises Lara, reported that there is more evidence on possible money laundering associated with a real estate corruption network in Mexico City.

The ‘real estate cartel’, as it’s being called, took place in the area of Benito Juárez in Mexico City and, according to the FGJ, was headed by Sofia “N”, sister of Christian “N”.

“As will be remembered, Sofía Soraya “N” was located and apprehended in the town of Juriquilla, in the state of Querétaro. Said person served as the legal representative of companies, which are probably linked to Nicias René “N”, former director of Works of the Benito Juárez who is also being investigated for illicit enrichment,” said Lara.

The network consisted of front companies to give real estate as collateral with the purpose of preventing their origin from being known. It was highlighted that the participation of 12 other people has been identified, including former officials and their relatives.

Lara added that this crime was possibly executed and planned by public servants of that demarcation and that the money laundering could have been through three companies of different lines such as a construction company, private educational centers and investments.

He mentioned that, “there are names and probable perpetrators in positions of a pyramid of complicity, in which front men and front companies associated with each other could have participated, who acquired, disposed of, managed and gave real estate as collateral, with the purpose of prevent its origin from being known ”.

Likewise, the spokesman for the Prosecutor’s Office reported that the case could pass into the hands of the Attorney General’s Office of Justice (FGJ) because they are federal crimes.