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FGE rules out political motivation in Puerto Morelos shooting that killed three

Puerto Morelos, Q.R. — The FGE says political motivation has been ruled out as a possible motive in the recent shooting of three. The Attorney General of Quintana Roo, Óscar Montes de Oca, says the murder of the current mayor’s brother-in-law and nephew are not political, but likely revenge.

Óscar Montes de Oca said that their line of investigation is geared toward the issue of revenge, adding that Darío Sánchez Cordero, the now deceased brother-in-law, did not report any physical attacks against himself.

“It is a matter of revenge against this person, not issues of a lack of vigilance by the police or something, but to situations happening around an event,” he said.

On February 25, three people were shot to death at a restaurant in the town of Leona Vicario in the municipality of Puerto Morelos. Two of the three killed were related to the current Puerto Morelos mayor Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz. The third person killed was a restaurant worker.

Last year, Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz’s husband was shot to death outside a coffee shop in Puerto Morelos. He was shot and killed on February 24, 2021, one year after this latest shooting. It was later revealed that the shooting was over a land dispute.

Montes de Oca said that Blanca Merari Tziu Muñoz has been to the scene of the latest shooting and that they remain in constant communication as the investigation progresses.

“She was at the scene. We have been talking about it and we hope that this event is resolved as soon as possible to have those responsible in jail,” he said.