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FGE reports capture of Cancun business extortionist

Cancun, Q.R. — A youth who held himself as leader of a criminal group dedicated to extortion, has been arrested and connected to crimes of extortion in Cancun. The Attorney General of the State of Quintana Roo reports a judge has linked Zahid M to the the crime of extortion in two June events.

Police say their first investigations indicate that Zahid M held himself as the leader of a criminal group with the aim of extorting money from merchants. Evidence establish that he is a probable participant in an event that occurred June 15, where he extorted employees of a taqueria located in SM 65.

Later, on June 20, he arrived at the same business in the company of two minors, both detained in flagrante delicto and another subject identified as Fernando C, also captured by police, to collect the payment as a result of extortion, but when he did not succeed, one of the adolescents apparently fired at the premises, while the now accused fled.

The evidence presented by prosecutors lead to a link of the crimes as well as a judicial order for preventative detention for Zahid M.