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Female cashier dies of injuries after being shot by fleeing 17-year-old

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — A woman has died after being shot while inside a Playa del Carmen convenience store Saturday where she worked.

The shooting took place inside a convenience store in the Bellavista region of Playa del Carmen when a young man entered, allegedly fleeing from the robbery of a nearby hardware store. The young assailant took cover inside the store while being perused by police.

Police reported being shot at by the 17-year-old male as he ran, hitting their patrol unit four times. One police officer returned fire, hitting the suspect as he fled for cover inside the convenience store. While inside, he shot at two people, one of which was the female cashier.

Police entered the store and arrested the man who was taken to hospital along with two others from inside. The female cashier reportedly died Sunday night in hospital. The second shooting victim, who was a customer, remains in serious condition.