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False security alarm delays flight at Cancun airport

Cancun, Q.R. — A plane, its luggage and passengers were reviewed Sunday at the Cancun International Airport after security personnel began implementing security protocol for an alleged security threat. The threat happened Sunday on a Viva Aerobus plane in Terminal 2.

The aircraft was isolated and swept by security for a potential bomb. While authorities have not made any official statement as to why the sweep was made, reports say that a note (suspecious object) was found inside the plane alluding to the possibility of a bomb.

One passenger posted on social media that when questioning airport security about the check, they were told “an extraordinary safety inspection was requested.”

The plane, which was leaving Cancun bound for Monterray, was delayed more than three hours as staff of la Secretaría de la Defensa Nacional (Sedena) took the threat seriously. With the aid of a trained K-9, all luggage was checked as were passengers, however, nothing was found.

The potential security threat was chalked-up to being a prank. No official statement has been given by authorities. The rest of the terminal (and airport) operated normally during the extended security procedure.