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Ex-cop arrested for lying to get out of Cancun traffic ticket

Cancun, Q.R. — Elements of the Quintana Roo Police have arrested a man after he presented a false police credential to avoid getting a traffic ticket.

According to the arrest report, 40-year-old Carlos Esteban N of Veracruz was stopped by police on Francisco I. Madero Avenue in SM 92 of Cancun for reckless driving. Police patrolling the area noticed the Dodge Charger being driven fast and recklessly, causing them to pull over the driver.

Once stopped, the driver of the vehicle became aggressive, saying they could not stop him since he was an active element of the Municipal Police, identifying himself with a credential. When police ran his information through Platform Mexico, they discovered that he once was an officer, but was discharged in August of 2018.

He was arrested for usurpation of duties and handed over to the corresponding authorities.