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Electric minibuses will connect Cancun International and Maya Train station

Cancun, Q.R. — The Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SICT) says Cancun’s new road projects will include electric minibuses that will connect the airport with the Maya Train station.

The head of SICT, Jorge Nuño Lara, announced that the new Cancun projects being built by the SICT, the Nichupté Vehicular Bridge, Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard, Airport Distributor and Chac Mool Avenue, will include an electric bus system to connect the four terminals of the Cancun International Airport with the Maya Train station.

He says the electric vehicle will stop at each of the four airport terminals via internal roads that will surround the terminal. He added that the Maya Train station in Cancun and the airport will be connected in a circuit that will take less than 20 minutes via the electric minibus.

The electric minibus, which will have a seating capacity of 24, will travel at an average speed of 30 kms/h with a range of 268 kilometers. He says they anticipate a maximum of 14,400 users per day and that the buses are estimated to be ready in five months.

Nuño Lara says the new road projects will be strategic to connect the Cancun International Airport with the hotel zone and will significantly reduce transfer times, noting that all of the new road projects will be toll free.

The new projects include the Nichupté Vehicular Bridge will be 8.8 kilometers long and is scheduled to start operating in March 2024. Luis Donaldo Colosio Boulevard is set to open again in October 2023.

The Airport Distributor, which is currently 40 percent complete, is scheduled to begin operating in October of this year, while Chac Mool Avenue will be finished in December 2023.