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Cozumel transport providers protest federal vehicles

Cozumel, Q.R. — Transport providers of Cozumel held a peaceful march Sunday protesting federal transit drivers on the island.

Hundreds of transport service provides participated in the march that was led by taxi drivers from the Adolfo López Mateos union who were protesting Article 125 of the Ley de Movilidad de Quintana Roo. Island transport drivers say that the federal plated vehicles on the island are not legal since the island of Cozumel is without federal roadways.

During their march, the transport providers demanded the removal of the federal transport vehicles from the island of Cozumel saying that not only do they generate unfair competition and take away money from the local providers, they are illegal since the island has only state and municipal roadways.

They were voicing their concerns at state governor Carlos Joaquín.

Federal carriers have a permit issued by the Ministry of Communications and Transportation (SCT) to transport tourists from the airport through a service pre-contracted by visitors from their place of origin.

The federal carriers cannot, however, provide any type of taxi service. Although they claim to not be competitors of island taxi drivers, they have been detained by the union in the past.