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Cozumel hosts Fifth LGBTTTIQ+ Quintana Roo Parliament session

Cozumel, Q.R. — Cozumel became the headquarters of the Fifth LGBTTTIQ+ Quintana Roo Parliament to give voice and participation to the community. During the session, various proposals that guarantee their rights and freedoms were heard.

The session promoted the community to make visible their participation in public and political agendas, as well as seek legislative solutions so that they can be implemented in law with the support of the Chamber of Deputies.

On behalf of Cozumel Mayor Juanita Alonso Marrufo, Third Councilor Fabiola Aislinn Chávez Brito, recognized the representatives of the different municipalities and members of the City Council for their support in the initiatives that are promoted in terms of equality and inclusion in the state.

Chávez Brito thanked the city of Cozumel for hosting the event so they can continue to work in favor of the rights of the community, saying that it was an opportunity for the current administration to improve human rights by listening to the needs of the LGBTTTIQ+ community.

He emphasized the commitment of the Cozumel government by taking the reins to continue advancing in terms of inclusiveness and gender equity. He also recognized that to date, different dimensions of inequality persist and continue to be a source of conflict, persecution, invisibility, discrimination and violence.

However, he said that being a progressive government, they are committed to advancements through parliamentary exercises which represent advancements toward the path of equality, inclusion and social peace.

During the event, remembrance of the four parliaments already held was made with Cozumel being the fifth venue. They talked about the different activities that have been carried out in Quintana Roo such as marches, the delivery of the petition to the deputies and the request for state condoning of the change of gender identity by Linger Michelle Méndez Vidal, Parliament Coordinator State.

Méndez Vidal affirmed that the objective is to unify and bring the community closer to the governments, to demand the changes that have to be made in the municipalities, saying there must also be an approach with the Chamber of Deputies to have their support in the petitions to obtain legislative solutions so that they can be implemented in law and carry out those changes.