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Conafor asks public to not burn during critical season

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The National Forestry Commission reports that more than 2,500 forest fires have been counted already this season in 29 states across the country.

They are asking people to take care and not burn fields since this is how a majority of the forest fires begin.

La Comisión Nacional Forestal (Conafor) says that this season, the areas with the largest fire counts include the State of Mexico, Mexico City and Michoacán. The states with the largest fires have been Puebla, Guerrero, Oaxaca and Chiapas.

They say that from the first day of January 1 until April 11, there have been 2,538 forest fires counted in 29 states with the critical fire season ending in May.

Tomás Sánchez Cabrera of Conafor says that people are being asked to not burn fields, which often become out-of-control and spread to forests. He explained that state and municipal authorities in Quintana Roo remain alert to fires that could destroy natural protected areas and archaeological sites around the state.

He adds that Conafor maintains close coordination with the municipalities and the state government in setting up municipal committees as well as the State Committee for Fire Prevention and Control.

Sánchez Cabrera says to report forest fires, the toll-free numbers available are: 01800 FIRE (462 363 46) and 911.

Already this year, several fires around the state have been reported due to burning that became out-of-control.

Two other out-of-control fires in other parts of the country were responsible for massive CFE power outages, the most recent of which was a sugarcane plantation burn that cut power to the entire Yucatan Peninsula.