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Complaints lead to 9 harassment arrests in Cozumel

Cozumel, Q.R. — Nine people have been arrested by Cozumel police after numerous citizen complaints of harassment.

Police paid a visit to the group after they were accused of harassing people. The group were tourist sellers of services, timeshares and other products. Aside from harassment, they were found to be without permits.

In an organized police operation, they were handcuffed and taken to jail where they will wait to see a judge.

Renán Guido Rosas López, director of Cozumel police confirmed the operation in the Puerta Maya area of the city in response to complaints of harassment being made by the vendors. He said despite rumors that they were also selling drugs, narcotics were not found.

The Director of Public Safety says that arrested were Raymundo A.V., 22, José E., 45, Joshua Iran E.S., 33, Ricardo M.G., 31, Carlos S.V., 38, Vladimir F.S., 24, Carlos A.Z., 29, Jose Luis M.C., 43 and Perla T.,50 for presumed faults to authority, besieging passers-by and altering public order.

Rosas López also said that such visits to vendors will be made more randomly.

Municipal head Pedro Joaquín Delbouis said “The objective is clear. In addition to guaranteeing peace and security to those who live on the island, we must take care of our tourists so that they leave with a good image of Cozumel and return.”