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City authorities shut illegal Playa del Carmen daycare

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Personnel from Civil Protection along with city authorities shut down an illegal Playa del Carmen daycare. City personnel arrived at the private home in Villas del Sol where they requested permits, while Civil Protection toured the home in search of the mandatory safety requirements for business operation.

The head of the Cigüeñas Avenue home was unable to provide any licenses or permits to run the daycare. Civil Protection personnel noted the absence of safety equipment.

Elements of the Specialized Group for Attention to Family and Gender Violence (GEAVIG) of the Secretariat of Public Security were called in to remove the 23 children found inside the home.

However, four of the children belonged to the two women running the daycare. The other 19 were removed from the building by Geavig personnel from where they were returned to family members.

Inside, police removed 10 boys between the ages of three months and eight years, as well as nine girls between eight months and two years of age.

The building did not have the required permits or operating licenses, in addition to not meeting the infrastructure requirements, security measures or trained personnel in the event of an emergency.