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Chiquilá residents say stalled CFE project leaves them in the dark

Chiquilá, Q.R. — Area residents are asking the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) to expedite the work being done to stop the constant blackouts in their neighborhoods. The CFE has been working to install new street poles and lines in various areas of Chiquilá.

In doing to, some areas have experienced blackouts. Residents of the Tecaxeña neighborhood from the Port of Chiquilá have reported dug holes for the new poles, but recent rains have complicated the job.

Areas such as Onticeros Street, where new poles and lines are being installed, have been delayed due to the wet weather.

On Wednesday, Joel Pino Álvarez, mayor of the Port of Chiquilá reported that the area will be without power until Friday. He said the CFE is finishing a project that involves running submarine cable of fiber optics to the island of Holbox. Full power is expected to be restored Friday afternoon.

Earlier this week, Holbox island business owners made an agreement with the CFE on specific blackout dates that will allow the federal company to finish installing new lines that will see the island’s voltage increased to avoid power outages in high tourist seasons.