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Chiapas man arrested transporting 74 kilos of cocaine

Huimanguillo, Tabasco — Elements of the Attorney General’s Office in Tabasco report the seizure of 74 kilos of cocaine from a private vehicle in the town of La Venta in the municipality of Huimanguillo.

According to their investigation report, the Ministry of National Defense along with elements of the Federal Ministerial Police, documented the inspection of a vehicle along the Cárdenas-Coatzacoalcos highway in the town of La Venta.

A red pickup truck, which was being driven by Victor I, was found carrying 74 packages of sealed cocaine. Victor I was reportedly transporting the drugs from Comitán, Chiapas to Jalapa, Veracruz.

Police arrested Victor I and seized his drug load and vehicle, all of which were made available to the FGR Public Ministry who will continue with the investigation.