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Cancun real estate inspection finds 125 irregular

Cancún, Q.R. — After a large real estate inspection of property owners in and around the city of Cancun, officials say they found 125 irregular developments.

City officials report the notice of closure to 12 developments within the municipality of of Benito Juárez after an in-depth inspection of real estate owners. Armando Lara De Nigris, secretary of Urban Development explained that “These developments are located in Bonfil, in the triangle of the Cancún-Mérida highway, the Cancún-Playa highway and the Huayacán highway.”

He says “Civil Protection closed one premises for not meeting requirements. We, as Urban Development and Ecology, always adhere to the law. We had to leave notifications to 12 developments that they have to check with us, showing their permits and licenses or we will proceed to close them.”

Lara De Nigris said that after their inspections they found more than 125 irregular developments adding that they are not out to get anyone, only to regulate growth in an orderly manner “and to inform the people, the citizens to not buy there because there is no legal certainty from those who are offering the real estate,” he stressed.

He added that the irregular developments are the new developments that are starting to grow, which add to those that started several years ago and are another problem.

“These sales should be discouraged because they are illegal, because they do not comply with the Human Settlements Law or with the construction regulations or with the Law of Ecological Equilibrium,” he said adding that some investors are already approaching the city requesting records of land use.