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Cancun police take down 15 from criminal cell

Cancun, Q.R. — The state attorney general has announced the arrest of an additional 15 people related to organized crime. In press conference, the State Attorney General Oscar Montes de Oca explained that on Tuesday, police arrested 15 people who are members of a Cancun criminal group.

He said that the takedown occurred first with six occupants in two vehicles. Those six were detained and their weapons seized. During their interrogation, they revealed the location of a safe house in SM 232 where additional members were hiding along with two kidnapped people.

Police were deployed and upon arriving at the house, were attacked by gunfire from those inside. One officer, an element of the National Guard, was hit in the leg and taken to hospital. One of the attackers from the criminal group was shot dead.

Montes de Oca said that as a result of that deployment, another nine people from the criminal cell were arrested. One of the kidnapping victims was freed, while the second was found deceased.