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Cancun City Council announces historical investments for second half of year

Cancun, Q.R. — Historical investments have been announced by the Mayor for the City of Cancun. On Thursday, Cancun City Council voted in favor of the modifications to the Annual Investment Program 2023 for the second half of the year.

“This is the next stage of the 2023 Annual Investment Program with which we will continue to invest historical resources in our municipality for its transformation,” said Mayor Ana Paty Peralta after City Council voted unanimously.

When heading the Forty-fifth Ordinary Session, Peralta stated that the construction of two parks in the Sacbé neighborhood and in Superblock 227 will be part of those new investments.

She said infrastructure rehabilitation of Superblock 96 and 99 with pavements, fittings, sidewalks, public lighting, signage and absorption wells is also included. Other projects for the second half of the year include the third stage of the funeral park, the installation of lights in the José María Morelos Sports Unit, construction of a public lighting network and electrification of the La Noria neighborhood, Sacbé, Tierra y Libertad 2 and 3, to mention a few, she specified.

During the meeting, City Council also unanimously voted to repeal the previous document and issue a new Regulation of the Council for Assistance and Prevention of Family Violence of Benito Juárez, which will be approved with current state regulations.

In order to facilitate procedures, services and programs in the area of social, economic, education and health development will be endorsed with the signing a collaboration agreement with the Revolutionary Confederation of Workers and Farmers (CROC) Union.

The city also approved to host a community kitchen in SM 236 for low income families. The kitchen will be in association with the group Fundación Manos Construyendo el Futuro.

On other issues, City Council unanimously accepted the draft decree to modify Article 13 of the Political Constitution of the Free and Sovereign State of Quintana Roo to include the fundamental prerogatives of young people for their compliance and recognition.

While for further analysis, the initiative for reforms to the Organic Regulation of the Centralized Public Administration and the Internal Regulation of the General Secretariat of the City Council was unanimously referred to the commissions.