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Cancun Airport Cab drivers protest for unpaid wages

Cancun, Q.R. — More than two dozen Airport Cab drivers at Cancun International refused to work Wednesday after failing to get paid. The protesting workers stopped providing Airport Cab service at 7:30 a.m.

Workers were demanding their November pay along with benefits. CROC Union Coordinator, Sergio Romero, said this is the third time there has been late payments made to the approximately 120 employees.

“This cannot be. The workers have families that depend on them, on their commissions.

“There are around 120 vendors, coordinators and operators, all of them were not paid, but the last time we made a move like this, they were paid at 8 that night,” he said.

Workers intended to remain at the entrance of the cab company until there was a meeting with managers.

The unpaid Airport Cab drivers have affected around 200 pre-contracted services from the Cancun International Airport to various sites in Riviera Maya.