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Calica, now Sac-Tun, presents new company name, image

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — The company Calica, who specialize in the exploitation of stone products, has announced a name-change as well as an environmental investment.

During a presentation, Ernesto Enriquez, president of the International Division of Calica, announced the company has changed its name and is now Sac-Tun (white stone). Enriquez also announced the company’s support of environmental organizations with a $1.5 million USD investment for the 2019-2020 year.

During the presentation of the company’s new image, he said that Sac-Tun renews its commitment to environmental and community sustainability, revealing its decision to protect the environment and therefore signed a commitment with environmental associations and authorities that will monitor compliance.

Enriquez stressed that said environmental strategy is based on five programs, some of which include the conservation of endangered fauna and flora, the conservation of priority environmental ecosystems and services, as well as the reforestation and restoration of land and marine areas for adaptation to climate change.

They also intend to offer environmental education, create sustainable communities and develop special projects such as attention to the massive arrival of sargassum on the coast.

President and CEO of Vulcans Materials Company, Thom Hill, explained that the company has 350 locations internationally and on this site, reiterated its commitment to authorities to be environmentally friendly and sustainable.

He also said that, where appropriate, they guarantee the safety of their workers and decent conditions for the performance of their work and recreation, noting that to date, they are without work accidents.