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Bad weather claims the life of two Cozumel fishermen

Cozumel, Q.R. — Two men reportedly drowned Thursday morning after their boat capsized due to bad weather. On Thursday morning, four Cozumel fishermen found themselves in distress after their boat took on water due to strong winds.

The four departed for the sea from Playa Chen Rio at 7:30 a.m. Approximately one mile out, trouble began when a large wave hit their boat. The four crew from La Aventurera were left without a vessel as it took on water.

All four were clinging to their sinking boat for about half an hour until is sunk completely. Although they tried to stay together, they became separated due to the bad weather.

Only two made it back to shore. The other two of La Aventurera crew drowned off the eastern portion of the island. One of the fishermen, 67-year-old Lorenzo N, said he and his son, 48-year-old Carlos, held on to plastic containers and were able to swim back to shore.

The two who did not return have been identified as fishermen Eber Francisco N and Jesús Rubén N, both 45 years old. They were eventually found washed up on shore, one of which being Playa Mezcalito. Authorities arrived to transfer the bodies. Both surviving fishermen were treated by paramedics before being returned to their homes.