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Authorities release “lost” manatee back into Isla Mujeres waters

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — A manatee that was found in the Makax Lagoon of Isla Mujeres has been set free. The “lost” manatee, which was discovered alone the week before, was held for observation.

After a series of tests, the director of Environment and Ecology in Isla Mujeres, Carlos Barranco García, said the mammal is in perfect clinical condition.

Veterinarian Roberto Sánchez Okrucky, vice president of the Animal Education and Welfare Committee said “we did not find any signs of disease. We had the opportunity to heal some small wounds, but it is in perfect condition. It is a male manatee whose weight we calculate between 750, 800 kilos with a measurement of approximately 3.2 meters.”

However, the manatee’s arrival to the island remains a mystery. Sánchez Okrucky also explained that this case is unique, since there was no report of any manatee from Florida reaching Mexican waters.

The manatee was released back into the sea in the Tortugranja area of the island in a joint effort with the Federal Attorney for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA) and the Animal Education and Welfare Committee.