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Authorities intervene after Riviera Maya hotel places boulders in public beach parking area

Playa del Carmen, Q.R. — Municipal police and Zofemat representatives were at Playa Xcalacoco early Thursday while boulders were removed from a street. Dozens of large rocks were placed along the edge of the only beach parking area by workers the day before.

The boulders were reportedly placed by the three men on instruction of The Fives Hotel. Several long rows, some three rocks deep, were placed to prevent parking along a section of their concrete wall.

Area residents snapped photos and made complaints regarding the Wednesday beach parking restriction. On Thursday morning, authorities were at the site in the company of machinery and men to remove the large rocks.

Men took turns lifting the rocks into the backhoe bucket that then dumped them into a waiting truck. Once the boulders were removed, the dump truck hauled them away.

In a statement, the Seguridad Pública Solidaridad (SSP) said “in response to the residents of Playa Xcalacoco, the Traffic Directorate, in support of the Federal Maritime Terrestrial Zone Directorate, carried out road control tasks to remove the stones that obstructed the road which is now free for common use.”

Hundreds of large rocks were placed along an L-shape corner at the public parking area of Playa Xcalacoco. Photo: SSP December 7, 2023.

According to Santiago Chávez Marfil, the Secretary of Social Justice and Citizen Participation, the rocks were put into place to restrict public parking, however, they were removed by the city.

Transit Director Arturo Pech Martinez said a study will be conducted to determine where the private property of the hotel ends the public property of the city begins.