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Authorities destroy hundreds of weapons and thousands of rounds that were seized from Quintana Roo streets

Cancun, Q.R. — More than 300 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo were destroyed in Cancun Friday. The weapons and ammo were part of the state’s illegal seizures made over the past several months.

Governor Carlos Joaquín visited the Military Garrison of Cancun where the weapons were being destroyed. While there, he said that criminals who want to destabilize the state by generating panic and destroying what has been built will not be allowed.

“We will not allow them here!” he said in a statement adding that there is no room for criminals in Quintana Roo and that many efforts have been made to combat those criminals.

“The work of the Secretary of National Defense in the confiscation of weapons and their subsequent destruction represents a very important step to pacify the country and our state of criminals who destroy lives, corrode the essence of our families and modify the culture and tradition of a people who want to live in peace,” he explained.

He affirmed that this destruction of weapons is a sign of the commitment of the security institutions, both federal and local, to continue dealing with activities against crime.

On Friday, 337 seized weapons from Quintana Roo streets were destroyed along with more than 14,300 rounds of ammo. Joaquin said the weapons were secured by different authorities thanks to inter-institutional co-operations.