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Armed man seen with firearm arrested from Tulum highway gas station

Tulum, Q.R. — An armed man was taken into custody in Tulum Saturday during a surveillance tour. According to the Secretariat of Citizen Security (SSC), Danilo “N” was arrested after he was found carrying a loaded handgun.

“The events were recorded when elements of the corporation were carrying out surveillance work on Cobá Avenue towards the Cancún – Tulum highway near a gas station.

“In the area, police officers observed that a man who was leaning on a vehicle with the black handle of a pistol-type firearm protruding. As they approached, the police gave the order not to move, but the man immediately began to flee.

“Thanks to the prompt response of the elements, they managed to catch up with him to prevent his escape. In the procedure, a black pistol-type firearm, caliber 9mm, registration number BWFD555 with a charger and seven 9mm caliber cartridges and a blue Motorola cell phone were seized,” they detailed in their report.

Danilo “N” was arrested and transferred to the FGR for carrying a firearm. According to the SSC report, the now-detained Danilo “N” was heading to a highway bar at the time of his arrest.