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Apprentice policewoman crashes through private home

Valladolid, Yucatan — An apprentice policewoman who was being given driving lessons in a patrol unit ended up crashing the police vehicle through a private house.

The mishap occurred in the Cupules subdivision of Valladolid when the police officer, who was being given driving instructions by her male counterpart, lost control, ending up in the kitchen of a private home where three people were eating in the next room, but were not hit by the invading police truck.

Still, emergency units transferred the family for evaluation to a hospital.

In a statement, the municipality of Valladolid said it will take care of the damages and medical expenses that the accident has generated.

According to data, the apprentice policewoman had a mishap with a parked motorcycle, which caused her to step on the accelerator, resulting in the crash.

The policewoman was arrested and will face disciplinary action, as well as pay the expenses.