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Another theft in an Isla Mujeres church

Isla Mujeres, Q.R. — The robbery of a church at Isla Mujeres will likely remain a mystery even though surveillance cameras recorded the theft.

Upon entering the front doors of the church, the lone male immediately takes a right and eventually reappears covered in a white sheet. While walking through the church, the young man was recorded stealing money from the collection boxes.

The church’s pastor, Raul Sanchez Alonzo spoke of the ongoing problem of robberies that the church has suffered, adding that the latest was committed by someone who knew about the cameras. The robbery was recorded just after 3:00 a.m. when the man entered and covered himself with a sheet used to cover one of the saints.

Pastor Raúl Sánchez Alonzo has alerted parishioners to the increase in robberies that have arisen in Isla Mujeres, saying that one church of the island has had at least five theft attempts. In the Guadalupe chapel, thieves entered an office and stole a musical keyboard and several microphones.

He explained that the chapel of San Judas, which is located in the cemetery of Colonia la Gloria, was also robbed when thieves stole a large crucifix, which they sold. The person who bought the crucifix later returned it to the church.